This partnership brings together organizations of various scope from diverse European regions and it evolves around the idea that each participating institution's needs of having direct access to knowledge of other European cultures in a true-to-life environment enabling them to embrace and promote the European values, involving a large number of learners as well as the local communities, from 12 countries.

It is a unique opportunity of working together as a team; investigate the specific problem in each country, having a comprehensive and diverse perception of Active Citizenship learning, a set methodology, initially national and then International, sharing different experiences and knowledge.

Preventing family "risk factors" from becoming prevalent must be a priority of every citizen of our partnership. Active learning for active citizenship has to start with "education for healthy and happy family living", preparing individuals and families for the roles and responsibilities of family living within the existing socio-cultural context of the society.

The Partnership intends to innovate strategies for active social inclusion by providing learners with the opportunity to learn the ways of communication, meet with their local community by enabling positive paths and share with the countries participating in the diverse experiences and skills acquired.