The central issue of the partnership is to find ways of transferring the traditional handicrafts into contemporary culture and economy in order to create new employment opportunities and to support the sustainability and growth of local economies. In order to reach this goal it is necessary to research the situation of traditional handicrafts in the partner countries, to discuss and define ways of improving the working situation of artisans and work with them closely.
  • Developing an entrepreneurship and marketing training scheme for chosen handicrafts
  • Exchange of the knowledge about traditional handicrafts . 
  • Identifying and sharing of good practices in involving women in creating traditional handicrafts 
  • Professional English course and additional materials for trading via traditional or modern ways such as Internet and Social Media. 
  • Organizing the Local Support Groups (L.S.G.).
  • Organizing the local seminars.
  • Developing and organizing the motivation trainings.
  • Developing and organizing the motivation trainings, including coaching, for the target group in each partner country.
  • The book of the project  'A Learning Odyssey', training schemes
  • Workshops with artisans